Operations Simplified
Get your business out of your head and into the hands of a capable team.
You're a business owner who has to balance the weight of entrepreneurship.  You have a growing team, you have growing revenue, but you feel like you are staying up late fulfilling on client projects, focused more on working in your business rather than on it.  

You're probably feeling like you have a unique skillset that can get more results for more people, you just don't have enough time in the day to even think about more clients or customers. 

Maybe you've even hired a team and they aren't up to speed yet.  Or maybe they need a little too much hand holding.

Maybe you are paying a ton of money and spending a lot of resources to duct-tape together a fulfillment experience for your clients, leaving your team frustrated and your clients leaving with a bad taste in their mouths. 

As a creative innovative entrepreneur, words like process, operations and work flow probably make you sweat a little.

The great news is... 
You don't have to do it all.

Documenting what you do and how you get results for your clients creates the opportunity for repeatable, scalable results. 

Let's get your business out of your head, out of google docs and into a location that you can use to leverage a growing team.

That’s why we created:
Operations Simplified
With Operations Simplified you’ll be able to implement 5 simple steps to empower your team to take more off your plate, cast a vision that invites new customers and team members to join you and create predictable processes in your business to manage turnaround time and profitability affectively. 

Our proven process has helped clients document their procedures in a way that allows them to delegate tasks while keeping consistent quality. We pull entrepreneurs out of the weeds of the day-to-day and help them focus on sustainable growth, not a growing task list.

Create a self-managing business...
The Operations Simplified Process
Get really clear on where you’re going.
Structure your team and organization to support your vision.
Take the reaction out of fulfillment and build trust with your customers.
Get SOP’s out of everyone’s head and centrally located.
Know your numbers. Grow your numbers.
Remove the duct tape from fulfillment...
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